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  • Clearsynth is a technology based, research driven enterprise with the World's Largest Inventory of Reference Standards & Research Chemicals. We aim to enable the research community in accelerated discovery via synthesis of complex and difficult to make compounds. We support drug discovery and research through our comprehensive deuterated drug development services- From Drug Screening to Commercial Launch Popular Categories : , Stable Isotopes,Reference Standards, APIs, , Metabolites, Impurities, Glucuronides, Deuterated Solvents and Reagents, Chiral Standards Other Categories : Intermediates, Fine Chemicals, Phytochemicals, Catalysts, Inhibitors, Peptides, NMR Solvents, Amino Acid Derivatives, Fatty Acid Derivatives, Diagnostics, Environmental, Biochemicals, Steroids, Vitamins, Activators, Agonist, Anti-virals, Biotin Derivatives, Boron Derivatives, Carbohydrates, Chelating Agents and Ligands, Cyanine Dyes, Detergents, Maleimide Derivatives, Nitric Oxide Reagents, Neurochemicals, Nicotine Derivatives, Glycerols, NMR Solvents, Nucleotides, Oligosaccharides, Wittig Reagents, Sulfur and Selenium Compounds, Mutagenesis Research Chemicals, Polyethylene glycol Derivatives, Spin Labeling Compounds, Fluorescent Labels and Indicators Hydantoins and Derivatives Cross Linking Reagents

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