Johnson Matthey in Continuous Mfg Pact

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By Supplier News posted 09-19-2017 15:30


Johnson Matthey (JM) and Snapdragon Chemistry, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-headquartered provider of flow-chemistry process design and technology development services, have formed a collaboration to provide integrated continuous manufacturing services for flow chemistry from development to full-scale good manufacturing practice (GMP) manufacturing.

The collaboration is designed to enable an end-to-end offering that can provide process development and manufacturing services from flow-chemistry route conception to GMP bulk production.

The agreement combines Snapdragon Chemistry’s flow chemistry design, development, and characterization capabilities with JM’s offering in clinical to commercial active pharmaceutical ingredient development and manufacturing, which includes quality systems infrastructure, together with JM’s experience in continuous manufacturing processes.

The two companies have co-located facilities in the Boston area, allowing joint Snapdragon Chemistry and JM teams to interact closely to both develop flow-chemistry processes and scale those processes through to manufacturing.

Source: Snapdragon Chemistry



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