Armenia Is Latest country to Join Medicrime Convention

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By Regulatory News posted 02-16-2016 15:03


The MEDICRIME Convention, aninternational treaty against counterfeit medical products and similar crimes involving threats to public health established by the Council of Europe, reports that Armenia has joined the Convention.

The Convention, being open to member and non-member states of the Council of Europe, offers a legal framework for worldwide cooperation to combat the counterfeiting of medical products. To date, the Convention has been signed by 20 countries and ratified by six countries. Armenia is the latest country to have ratified the Convention, which it did so on February 5, 2016.

The Convention also lays down a framework for national and international coooperation between the competent health, police and customs authorities on both the national and international levels, measures for crime prevention by also involving the private sector, and the effective prosecution of crime and the protection of victims and witnesses. Furthermore, it provides for the establishment of a committee to follow up the implementation of the Convention by the signatory states.

The MEDICRIME Convention focuses on offenses involving: the manufacturing of counterfeit medical products; supplying, offering to supply and trafficking in counterfeit medical products; the falsification of documents; and .the unauthozised manufacturing or supplying of medicinal products and the marketing of medical devices that do not comply with conformity requirements.

Source: EDQM


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