EGA Supports French Generic Drug Plan

From DCAT Value Chain Insights (VCI)

By Regulatory News posted 04-11-2015 15:26


The European Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association (EGA) supported a new French national action plan to promote generic medicines presented by the French Ministry of Health in late March 2015. The EGA said that generic drugs now account only for 32% of the reimbursement market in France, a level below other European countries, and that the plan would encourage wide use of generic drugs.

Among the initiatives, the action plan aims to increase the prescribing of generic medicines in hospitals and retirement homes, to implement protocols to encourage the prescription of medicines within the ‘Répertoire’ (the French substitution list), and implement proper communication and information to strengthen confidence of patients and health professionals. In addition, the plan foresees an important educational program about safety, efficacy and quality of generic medicines for doctors in training.

Source: The European Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association


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