EGA Adopts Code of Conduct for Healthcare Interactions

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By Regulatory News posted 03-08-2015 20:45


The European Generic medicines Association (EGA), an industry association representing generic drug and biosimilar industries, is Europe, has adopted the European Commission Guiding Principles Promoting Good Governance in the Pharmaceutical Sector initiated by the Former Vice-President of the Commission, Antonio Tajani. The EGA General Assembly formally adopted the EGA Code of Conduct that sets ethical standards to secure trustworthy and transparent relations between the industry and the healthcare community.

The EGA Code only applies to prescription-only medicines and applied to EGA members, including EGA member companies, EGA member company affiliates, EGA national association members, and EGA national association affiliate members. An EGA national association must either adopt the EGA Code, or a comparable code that is at least as strict as the EGA Code, and make it formally applicable to its member companies. EGA member companies must directly apply the rules and requirements of the EGA Code to their activities or apply rules and requirements that are consistent with, and at least as comprehensive as, the rules and requirements of the EGA Code. The subsidiaries of EGA member companies must either adopt the EGA Code or the code that has been adopted by the EGA national association. The EGA will work with its members to implement the code across Europe over the coming months.

Source: EGA


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