Almac Appoints VP for UK Diagnostics

From DCAT Value Chain Insights (VCI)

By People On The Move posted 02-22-2017 13:17


Almac has appointed Leeona Galligan, PhD, as vice president UK Operations within Almac Diagnostics with effect from January 1, 2017.

Dr. Galligan joined Almac Diagnostics in September 2009 as a senior scientist in the research and development department. She was appointed as the manager of the newly formed clinical testing laboratory in 2012 and was subsequently promoted to head of UK laboratory-based operations in January 2014. In this role, Dr. Galligan assumed overall responsibility for commercial biomarker discovery, CLIA/FDA compliant analytical validation and downstream clinical testing.

She has also overseen the development of a new manufacturing department responsible for shipping clinical specimen to Almac’s testing laboratory and for the manufacture and release of controls and reagents for registrational clinical trials.

Source: Almac Group


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