Turing Pharmaceuticals Names Head of R&D

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By People On The Move posted 06-04-2015 13:32


Turing Pharmaceuticals AG, a biopharmaceutical company, has named Eliseo Oreste Salinas, MD, MSc, as president of research and development. Dr. Salinas, who holds a medical degree as well as a masters in pharmacology, has played a leadership role in numerous programs for a range of diseases and disorders, with a concentration on central nervous system conditions, including depression and anxiety, schizophrenia, epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson's, attention deficit disorder and Alzheimer's disease. Fifteen separate drug programs under his direction led to approvals by the US Food and Drug Administration and international regulatory bodies.

Turing Pharmaceuticals launched as a new pharmaceutical company in February 2015. He arrives as Turing as it prepares to begin clinical trials for several of its drugs, including a intranasal formulation for ketamine to treat severe depression and suicidality.

Dr. Salinas joins Turing from Relmada Therapeutics, a New York-based clinical-stage drug company focused primarily on pain management; he served as Relmada's president and chief scientific officer as well as head of R&D. Previously he was executive vice president and director of R&D for Newark, California-based Stem Cells, Inc. Dr. Salinas has also held senior medical and science positions at other biopharmaceutical companies, including Elan Pharmaceuticals, Adolor Corp., and Shire Pharmaceuticals, where he served as chief scientific officer. Earlier in his career, Dr. Salinas served as head of Wyeth's worldwide research for central nervous system treatments.

Source: Turing Pharmaceuticals


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