Sanofi Appoints Ebola Response Coordinator

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By People On The Move posted 11-18-2014 13:14


As part of its contribution to the global response to the Ebola epidemic, Sanofi has appointed its chief scientific officer, Gary J. Nabel, MD and PhD., as its Ebola response coordinator.

In his mission, Dr. Nabel will Identify how Sanofi can help advance countermeasures to contain the current outbreak and prioritize and foster opportunities to develop novel treatments for the future.

Dr. Nabel has past experience in public health epidemics as director of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) Vaccine Research Center and led development of an Ebola vaccine at NIH.

To date, Sanofi’s humanitarian contributions toward this effort have included supporting key humanitarian organizations, including MAP International’s Ebola Relief Response, Heart to Heart International’s Emergency Intervention Program to Manage Ebola Viruses Disease  Cases in Liberia, the CDC Foundation’s Global Disaster Response Fund, and The French Red Cross’s READY Fund as well as volunteer work with "Stop Hunger Now" to deliver 20,000 meals to Liberia.

Source: Sanofi


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