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  • 2018

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  • Contract Form., Fill, Finish & Pkg.

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Madrid 28037


  • Contract manufacturing services of injectables (prefilled syringes & vials) and solid forms (tablets, capsules, sachets). 3 different FDA-approved and GMP-certified sites, as well as other major authorities. Injectable sites: Aseptic filling & terminal sterilization, labelling, safety device assembly & packaging. All syringe formats available. Solid forms capabilities: Dry granulation (roller compactor) and wet granulation (high shear, single pot), compression presses, film coating, high speed packaging lines. In house labs for testing. Large annual capacity: 250 Million PFS, 60 M vials, 3 Billion tablets, 300 million hards capsules and 30 million sachets"

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  • 50 - 499