Send a Meeting Request

Use the following methods to request, arrange, and attract more meetings at DCAT Week ’17:

Search for a company:

Search the Contact Directory for individuals at specific companies

  1. Click Network on the top navigation
  2. Click Contact Directory and search by company name. This will produce a list of member representatives at that company.
  3. To contact individuals click Send Message or Add As Contact buttons on the right

Search the Company Directory for companies in a specific location or category

  1. Click Network on the top navigation
  2. Click Company Directory and search by location or membership category. This will produce a list of member companies.
  3. Click on a company name to view the company profile page.
  4. To contact individuals at the company, scroll to the bottom of the page and hover over an individual to send a message 

Let companies find you:

Showcase your company to other members searching for your services by utilizing the Member Company Library

  1. Click Browse at the top navigation
  2. Click Member Company Library, then add a New Entry
  3. Upload your company’s marketing materials, white papers, new technologies, technical presentations, videos and more
  4. For assistance and instructions, please read the submission guidelines or contact DCAT directly