Listed below are the answers to frequently asked questions about DCAT Connect. If you have a question that does not appear below, please send it to connect@dcat.org.





How to Create/Update My Individual Profile

  1. Click "My Profile" on the top navigation
  2. To upload a photo, click "Actions" under the portrait box
  3. Update your bio, education, job history and more by clicking the add, edit or delete icons to the right of each section
  4. Update your contact information by clicking the edit icon next to Contact Details. Add or change information in any of the fields, except Email and Last Name. Click "Save".

How to Create/Update My Company Profile

Member company profiles are created by DCAT’s staff when your company enrolls in membership.

To make changes to your company’s profile, including description, address, phone, and employees, contact the DCAT office at 1-800-640-3228 or email Lauryn Kuna, Director of Membership Services at lkuna@dcat.org.

How to Import My LinkedIn Profile to My Individual Profile

  1. Click "My Profile" on the top navigation
  2. Under the Import From LinkedIn section, click "Import Your Info"
  3. Log into your LinkedIn account and follow the prompts to pull in your LinkedIn profile, including your photo
  4. Click "Save" and "Finished" 



How to Change My Contact Information

  1. Click on “My Profile”
  2. Click “Contact Details”
  3. Add or change information in any of the fields, except “Email and Last Name”. 
  4. Click “Save”.”

Please note that changes to account, email, assistant,  assistant phone and assistant email will be reviewed by our membership coordinator before they are posted.

How to Change My Privacy Settings

  1. Click “My Profile” and click on “My Account” 
  2. Email Preferences is where you can set your preferences for general emails, community emails, contact requests and comment notification emails. 
  3. Privacy Settings is where you can decide who sees what information in your profile.  Option include: My Contacts, Members Only, Public and Only Me.

How to Change My Email Subscriptions

  1. Click “My Profile” and click on “My Account”.
  2. Community Notifications displays the community discussion groups that you belong to.  Choose from the following delivery options:

Real time: receive emails as messages are posted. Daily digest: receive one email consolidating all of the previous day’s posts. No Email: read and reply to posts through the community without email notification.

  1. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

How to Change my Email Signature

  1. Click “My Profile”, then click “My Account” and Discussion Signature.
  2. To delete information from your signature, select and delete.
  3. To add information to your signature, click on one or more of the following fields on the right-hand side of the screen: email address, phone, phone 2 or cell phone number, city, state and country.
  4. Click “Save”.


Member Company Library

What is the Member Company Library

The Member Company Library is a repository of documents and multimedia files showcasing the products and services of our member companies. This library is a resource for our members who want to learn more about other member companies, so submissions should be of professional quality and help to further the understanding of the products and services offered by the organization. The library is searchable and the entries are posted by members for members.

What Materials can I Upload into the Library

Examples of marketing materials you can submit into the library are: videos, press announcements, articles, YouTube links, pdfs, white papers, new technologies, technical presentations, and more.

What File Types and Sizes can I Submit to the Library

Over 60 file types can be uploaded, included PDF, DOC and MPG. File size limit is 1GB per file. You can upload up to 10 (1GB) files at a time.

When can my Files be Available in the Library

All library entries are placed in moderation for approval prior to being published. Please allow 24 hours for your submission to be posted into the library. 

How to Upload Files into the Library

  1. Click Browse on the top navigation bar and click Member Company Library
  2. Then click Create New Library Entry
  3. Enter the title for your library entry
  4. Enter a brief description for your library entry (optional)
  5. Select the library that your document will be stored in: Member Company Library
  6. Select your company’s folder from the folder drop down menu
  7. Select the entry type – usually a standard file upload
  8. When finished, click Next
  9. Now you can begin uploading your file(s)
  10. You can add a single file or multiple files if they are all related to the title and description that you entered on the previous page
  11. Click Select Your File to find the file(s) to upload from your computer (File size limit is 1GB per file. You can upload up to 10 (1GB) files at a time)
  12. If you have more than three files, click Add Another File and an additional upload box will appear
  13. When you are finished selecting files, click Upload File(s)
  14. A list of existing files will appear after the upload process is complete. • Click Next to add a title and description to your attachment(s) or click Finish if you are done
  15. Tag files (optional step): Click in the boxes to add a title and description to your attachments(s)
  16. Drag and drop to rearrange attachment order
  17. Click Next to add tags to your entry or click Finish
  18. Check the boxes next to the preexisting tags or you can enter new ones in the text box separated by commas
  19. After adding your tags click Finish

Tagging is not required, but it helps others search for your files



What is are DCAT Connect Communities

DCAT Connect communities is a resource designed to help members find other professionals in their common field and share best practices, challenges, strategies and more.

How to Join a Community

Click "Communities" on the top navigation bar and click "All Communities" to view each community. Once you find a community you would like to join, send an email to connect@dcat.org. Please note that some communities are restricted to DCAT leadership, volunteers or individuals in specific business areas, such as The Exchange community for sourcing and procurement professionals.

How to Leave a Community

Click "My Profile" on the top navigation, then click "My Account" and choose "Community Notifications". Then change the notification drop down next to the community that you wish to unsubscribe from to “No Emails”.

Why do I have to Apply for Certain Communities

DCAT wants to ensure each of our members can share information within communities in confidence and in compliance with DCAT’s Antitrust Policy. For example, The Exchange community is for sourcing or procurement professionals. In order to join, your application is first reviewed by a sub-committee of DCAT’s Supply Management Committee to ensure that your role is restricted to the buy-side of your organization.


Open Forum Discussions

What is the DCAT Connect Open Forum

The DCAT Connect Open Forum is your place to converse and collaborate with other DCAT members about industry topics and issues. Below are useful links, suggestions on how to create a better discussion post, and information about the discussion process.

What Makes a Good Subject Line

A good subject line will grab the attention of your peers and state the central question, challenge or issue that you want readers to address in their responding comments. The subject line will be used in the online forums and in the emails. Be concise and use simple phrases.

What makes a Good Discussion

A good question includes relevant details and provides context without burdening the reader. An example of your current state will help your peers understand exactly what you are hoping to learn from them. Be specific about the type or expertise of persons to whom the question is directed. Questions which provide response choices tend to get more answers. Questions which are too open ended tend to get fewer answers.

Where will my Question Go

Initially, discussion posts will be moderated by volunteers and staff. Once the member community is familiar with the process and technology, the discussion will be placed on self-moderation.  After your question is approved, which should take no longer than 24 hours, it will be posted online for other members to answer. To increase your question’s exposure, it will also be included in the daily digest email sent to members.

When will I get Answers

Once your question is approved by the moderator, other members can share answers online. If you would like to receive answers in real-time rather than in the daily digest, change your subscription under Communities/Discussions/My Subscriptions.

How to Unsubscribe from the Forum

Click My Profile on the top navigation, then click the My Account tab and choose Community notifications. Then change the notification drop down next to the community that you wish to unsubscribe from to “No Emails”.